ST Profi is a company developing and manufacturing all types of furniture and interior solutions for home , office and other projects.

At a furniture company, companies make design projects from different materials and with different textures. This can be solid wood, natural veneer, various metals, glass and mirrors, natural and synthetic stone and others.

The company has a unique technology for the production of furniture and decor and creates projects that best meet the functional and design requirements of customers.



Our company provides a wide range of metalworking services. Our production uses the best European equipment. We can offer high-precision cutting of sheet materials by waterjet cutting, as well as metal bending and welding.



Furniture should be comfortable, beautiful, reliable, so we make special demands on our products and choose the most durable and durable materials.    In the manufacture of furniture, we use solid wood and veneer of valuable wood species and carefully control the processing process and storage conditions. We are confident in the high quality of our products.


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